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Tax benefits availed on a home loan

Owing a home is a dream coming true. The Indian government has also shown their tendency and interest to encourage the citizens to invest in a house. Due to such reasons, home loan is made available to most of the citizens. When an individual opts for a home loan he/she becomes eligible for the tax [...]

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Step by step guide to check CIBIL score for home loan

Amongst many aspirations of today’s people, the top most priority is their own home. However, most of the people are unable to afford a home due to rise in real estate price or lack of surplus cash. A home option takes an individual a step towards the dream of owning a home. Whenever a person [...]

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Guide to the property registration process

Due to the availability of home loan it has become easy to avail with the home. While an individual opts for home loan it is necessary that he/she do know about the registration process. The legalities and paperwork can confuse even the smartest person as the registration process is quite complex. Most of the people [...]

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Effect of GST on home loan and its EMI

In the life of an individual buying a home proves to be one of the biggest milestones. To achieve this milestone many of the people do opt for a home loan and this helps one to get the desired home with various benefits. Due to easy accessibility to housing loan, it has become easy to [...]

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